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In Brooklyn, the Home of Jonathan Adler’s Director of Interiors

My life’s about to change in the most exciting way. This fall, I’m packing up and moving in with a very special guy. You know what that means: redecorating time! While we’re on the same page on most furnishings, I’m definitely much more bohemian than he is, and he is more contemporary than I. I’m not sure how long it will take to merge these styles, but I’ve been secretly hoping we’ll be done in month or so. That might seem a little ambitious, but after taking a look at Benjamin Brougham’s Brooklyn, NY loft, I have renewed hope it can be done.

Benjamin, the Director of Interiors for Jonathan Adler, put together his Williamsburg rental from scratch in only two months. All it took was a keen eye for unique finds and a direct line to his favorite brand. To make the move-in quick, he scoured shops for intriguing, vintage pieces every weekend. It was a bit exhausting, but the encased butterflies, giant soldiers and neon sign he scored all work together to create the comfortable and eclectic vibe he was aiming for. Benjamin then anchored the home and these accessories with Adler pieces he’d had his eye on. Velvet chairs, a sleepover-friendly sofa and Jonathan’s iconic ceramics are just a few of the pretty designs he’s plucked from the brand’s collection.

Without a doubt, all of these furnishings are stunning, but my favorite aspect of Benjamin’s rental is its strategic use of color. When you enter, warm reds and oranges welcome you. Then it’s off to the living room where grey and cream Adler furniture shines. In a final shift, grey gives way to the bedroom’s calming blues, altering the mood. Overall, the entire spectrum gives the home a steady flow while also making the open-concept loft feel as though it has more distinct rooms than it does. Don’t take my word for it, though. Click through to see for yourself how easily one glides through this inspirational home. It’s a stunner! —Garrett

Photography by Maura McEvoy

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