Audemars Piguet selecciono´el artista de Pekín Sun Xun que participo del Comité Artístico de Audemars Piguet desde la comisaria artística del que integran Ruijun Shen y Audemars Piguet

Sun Xun will collaborate with the commission’s guest curator Ruijun Shen and Audemars Piguet on the production of a major new artwork to be unveiled at Art Basel in Miami Beach, in December 2016.


Considered one of China’s most talented young artists, Sun Xun’s artistic practice combines meticulous traditional craftsmanship in various mediums with stylistic experimentation. Blurring the lines between drawing, painting, animation and installation, his work incorporates a wide array of materials. Painting, woodcuts, traditional Chinese ink and charcoal drawings are often combined to create expressive, stop-motion animated films. These works are then presented in immersive settings, creating a theatre of memory for visitors filled with realistic and mythical iconography.



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